WasteWater Services

Remote WasteWater Solutions

Wastewater Storage

Remote has several competitive options for storing your wastewater! If you haven’t been able to secure the necessary permits to treat and safely discharge your wastewater, store, and haul may be your best option.

Call us for a hassle-free installation and peace of mind, knowing you’re in Remote’s experienced and skilled hands.

Remote’s Wastewater Store & Haul Solutions:

2100 gal 8m³
600 gal 2.27 m³
800 gal 3.03 m³
1100 gal 4.16 m³
4500 gal(100 bbl) 17.03 m³

Additional Services:

Remote’s own line of heat trace (just arrived) 8 Watt Per foot 120 V

  • Bear Fencing
  • Septic Bladders 230 Gal or 0.9 m³

Heat Tracing  – Remote Exclusive Offering

8 Watt per foot offering



Remote’s Mobile Completions Units (MCU)

Remote’s MCUs are specifically designed to meet the needs of Oil and Gas Operators. We’ve integrated membrane wastewater treatment technology, light towers, backup generators, potable water storage, and a heated area with a full-sized sink, toilette, and shower, all at a highly competitive rate for the Service Excellence you’ve come to expect from Remote.

Key Features

  • 1 x 20-50 pers. Membrane Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • 2 x 125 kW Backup Generators
  • 1 x 2700L Diesel Fuel Storage Tank
  • 2 x Light Towers – 4 x 200W Lights per Tower
  • 2 x Full Sized Latrines
  • 1 x Full Sized Sink with undershelf storage capacity
  • 1 x Full Sized Shower with Emergency Eyewash Station
  • 1 x 9.1 m3 Potable Water Storage Tank


Activated Sludge/Extended Aeration and MBR WWTP’s

Remote’s Activated Sludge Extended Aeration Wastewater Treatment Plants (ASEA-WWTP) are an efficient means of treating and safely discharging camp or municipal septic waste that would otherwise need to be stored and trucked off-site for disposal. Remote’s trained and skilled operators will install the plant and lift stations, winterize it as necessary, and perform all Regulatory compliance-related monitoring to ensure that the last thing on your mind is your septic treatment system.

We have the WWTP to meet your needs!

Water Treatment Capacity Per Day Camp Size
2.8 m³ (740 gal.) 10-25 people
3.8 m³ (1,000 gal.) 20-15 people
15.1 m³ (4,000 gal.) 40-80 people
18.9 m³ (5,000 gal.) 50-100 people
37.9 m³ (10,000 gal.) 150-200 people
94.6 m³ (25,000 gal.) 201-500 people

Additional Services

  • Heat Trace
  • Bear Fencing

Wastewater & Water Treatment Operators for longer term projects

At Remote, we take pride in offering highly skilled and experienced Wastewater & Water Treatment Operators for longer-term projects. These professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and environmentally responsible management of water resources in the oil and gas industry.

Our team of operators is equipped with the latest technologies and comprehensive knowledge of industry regulations, making them adept at handling complex treatment processes. With a commitment to sustainability and safety, our operators are dedicated to optimizing water treatment systems, minimizing waste, and upholding the highest environmental standards.

When you partner with us for your longer-term projects, you can trust that your wastewater and water treatment needs will be met with expertise and precision, while also contributing to a cleaner, greener future.







Water Bacterial / Lab Testing

Remote Wastewater group partners with OSP Microcheck to test the water bacteria used in your project.

We can offer several testing technologies to generate quality data that accurately identifies and evaluates problematic microbes and supports sound decision-making.